Exivo – access control in the cloud

Exivo for small and medium-sized companies
Access to your premises: simple, flexible and secure.

  • When you need a customized access solution
  • If you cannot always be on site
  • If you would like to control access to your premises simply and flexibly

Exivo is the perfect solution if

  • you simply want to organise who may or may not open which door and when
  • it is important to you that your premises are securely protected
  • you do not want to worry about whether your access solution is and remains state-of-the-art
  • you want to take care of your business without worries
  • you have to comply with security regulations that can only be met with an access solution
  • it is important to you that everything is well organised; this is simple, fast and stress-free.

Exivo for platform operators
The access solution for your application (integrated via API interface)

  • If you use a higher-level platform or mobile applications for interaction with your customers and service providers
  • when you need individual solutions and functions
  • If access to rooms should be an integral part of your offer

Dormakaba Exivo smart App​​​​​​​

Download for free​​​​​​​

You can download our Dormakaba Exivo app for free in the Google Playstore and in the Apple Store.


With Dormakaba Exivo app you can easily control access to your building.

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