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Mr. LockSmith Ltd - Professionals in Protection located in Limassol, Cyprus

Mr. LockSmith Ltd was founded with the vision of offering innovative and smart solutions to hospitality and commercial industries in Cyprus, Greece and worldwide, in order to develop and operate their space through security and comfort. To realize this vision and become Professionals in Protection, we are installing evolutionary Automated Room Access Controls & Energy Management Systems – produced by renowned global technology companies, such as Dormakaba Group.

Our Services

Mr. LockSmith Ltd offers numerous programs that can provide the highest level of protection services to you and your property in the most thorough and cost-effective manner possible. Investing in service and maintenance saves trouble and cost in the long run and extends the life of your locks and energy system. In addition, your equipment retains its value! Our goal is to maintain your system and procedures, allowing you to remain operational in the unlikely event of failure.


High locking system & system installation excellence is an important part of a successful and reliable project.


We provide telephone support available 24/7 to all of our customers backed up by qualified field engineers.


Assistance in providing initial employee training, new product introduction training and refreshing training as necessary.

Our History



Omiros Omirou, owner of the company, started working as a locksmith for houses, car & commercial buildings.


Mr. LockSmith LTD

entered the Hotel industry by representing the KABA products in Cyprus.


The company

expanded its line of solutions to the market by representing ENKOA products.


Mr. LockSmith' s new brand identity

is helping the company to face the future challenges and to be established as “Professionals in Protection” in Cypriot market. Our international associates DORMA and KABA join forces to form DORMAKABA.


Mr. LockSmith aims

to be the leader in its field and also to penetrate into new markets with new innovative solutions.


We have new products

in our portfolio by Dormakaba. The EXIVO & EVOLO smart and secure access solutions and can provide you many solutions.



we have expanded our tailored solutions in Greece’s hospitality market.


New product in our portfolio

dormakaba MATRIX ONE – Access Control

Solutions for Hospitality and Commercial Industries

At Mr Locksmith Ltd we come up with smart, secure access solutions – everything related to doors and secure access to buildings and rooms, all provided from a single source.


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