Front Unit

Standard Keypad: RFID

Numeris locks operate with an alphanumeric standard keypad or touch RFID interface. The interface also contains a key slot to operate locks with an ADA compliant User Key.

Power | 4 AA Batteries
Providing battery life of 128,000 cycles for Keypad & 54,000 cycles for RFID.*

*Based on average usage.

Body Style

Front Unit
Body | Dial : Hasp : Laser Cam

Available in vertical body style. Features a flat cam that rotates with the knob or ADA compliant lever.

Lock Management

Select mechanical solutions can be managed with laser cut keys and a reset tool.

Contact your Digilock Sales Representative
to learn more.


Standard finish is brushed nickel

ADA Lever

Pull Handle Plate

Mech Support

Dial Combo

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