Saflok Messenger LENS (Online)

Saflok Messenger LENS is ideal for hotels seeking the ultimate connected experience in security and guest management while maximising operational efficiency. The online system offers a two-way communication between the front desk and the hotel’s electronic locks while also serving to monitor and manage room door activity.

Guests can easily request room moves without having to return to the front desk. Hotels can monitor door activity through notifications sent directly to email and text messaging. Messenger LENS can also integrate to third party applications such as in-room management solutions for even greater guest experience and room management control.

  • Send lock commands directly from the front desk
  • Receive lock alerts and notifications
  • Share lock information with 3rd party systems


Product details

  • Radio Frequency (RF) communications at 2.4 GHz, which is globally license-free
  • Secure networking (128 AES encryption)
  • Self-forming networks
  • ZigBee Prostack standard (large scale, network stability, resilient)
  • Receive real-time notifications

Messenger Hub and software: Messenger Lens is an add-on component of your Saflok locking systems.

Whether using the Saflok hubs or third-party systems, Messenger LENS  provides adaptable advanced lock management and monitoring for an enhanced guest and hotel management experience.

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