Remote lock for a code for apartment vG-BL7

The code handle for the vG-BL7 apartment is our newest model in the vG-Lock series of remote locks. It is characterized by a very modern and minimalist design. The handle has a very narrow 38 mm wide escutcheon, which enables mounting on narrow-profile doors. The combination lock is operated with the TTlock and TThotel applications, where you can generate codes for a specified period of time, add proximity cards, check the history of events, check the statistics of entries and presence of its users and control the battery level. The SMS code lock vG-BL7 has a built-in mechanical insert for emergency opening and a special input for emergency power supply. This model can be used both in short-term rental apartments, in hotels and in aparthotels, both offline and online. The handle is waterproof.


Product details

  • Various ways to unlock: TTlock app, Mifare card 13.56MHz, PIN code, mechanical unlocking, fingerprint (to order)
  • Comfortable lock management through the TTlock APP, you can manage from anywhere at any time
  • Manage multiple locks with one phone
  • It has the option of setting temporary passwords that will expire after a specified period of time
  • Thanks to the multi-level administrator settings, you can manage smart buildings much more efficiently
  • Fits all wooden and metal doors
  • Emergency power option in case of power loss
  • Unlock way: TTlock APP, PIN code, Mifare card 13.56MHz, mechanical key, fingerprint (to order)
  • Available colours: Black, silver (available option), golden (available option)
  • Material: Stainless steel 304
  • Dimensions: 280*38mm
  • Door thickness: 30~80mm
  • Mortise lock: Suitable for all types of mortise locks
  • Working temperature: -30℃ up to 55℃
  • Protection level: IP66
  • Humidity: 20%~90%
  • Working voltage: 6V (4x AA batteries)
  • Undervoltage Warning: Below 4.8V
  • Battery Life Span: About 10 000 cycles
  • Static Power Consumption: <30uA
  • Data capacity: Unlimited

Works for:

  • PIN code
  • Mifare card 13,56MHz
  • TTlock app
  • Emergency key
  • Fingerprint (to order)

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