RAC5 Multi-Floor Controller and Perimeter Access Control

RAC5 now gives you more options for perimeter access control with LT for offline use or XT for online.

For elevator floor access control, the RAC5 Multi-Floor Controller (MFC) is designed to connect to a property network providing secure stops for up to 64 floors.

RAC5 functions with the RAC5 Series RFID Readers and dormakaba’s Ambiance Access Management software.

Mobile Access Enabled

The RAC5 functions with dormakaba RFID readers that are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capable. Readers can operate using dormakaba Mobile Access Solutions for guest suite doors and perimeter access and, with RAC5 for all elevator applications.


Product details

RAC5 offers these additional features:

  • Optional online functionality
  • Remotely cancel credentials in real-time
  • Remotely pull audit
  • Remotely update firmware
  • NFC programming and auditing
  • Secure bootloader and TLS over ethernet for improved security
  • MFC expanded relays from 1 to 64
  • Supports Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, and Ultralight C Credentials

RAC5 technical specifications include:

  • Standalone & online mode
  • Up to 4000 audit records
  • Up to 2 readers (Egress-Ingress) for one locking device
  • Up to 1000 ft reader distance
  • BLE support
  • LAN interface (802.3)
  • Online secure firmware upgrade
  • TLS encrypted functionality
  • NFC programming & auditing
  • Reader status indicators
  • Locking device manual bypass
  • Fire alarm override
  • Tamper alarm
  • CE, UL, FCC, CSA, ULC certified
  • Garages
  • Parking lots
  • Pools/fitness centers
  • Locks with electric strikes or electromagnetic locks
  • Elevator access control

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