Keycards & Credentials

Dormakaba uses state-of-the-art processes to manufacture and test keycards in-house on specialty equipment. Our options include contactless RFID keycards and tags with sophisticated information storage applications.


RFID credentials are designed for use with dormakaba contactless electronic locks
Keycards, wristbands and key fobs

RFID Keycards & Key Fobs

RFID credentials have become the choice of hotels seeking to enhance customer convenience while reducing operational costs and are available in keycard, wristband and keyfob form. One of the major benefits of the contactless system is that there is virtually no wear-and-tear since there is no contact between the lock terminal and the card.


  • Custom-Designed Keycards
    The custom-designed keycards add an element of distinction to your property. You simply provide with your electronic artwork, and we take care of the rest.
  • Stock Keycards for Back-of-house
    Keep track of your staff and control employee access with color-coded back-of-house keycards.
  • Green Keycards


RFID Credentials

  • RFID credentials are designed for use with Kaba contactless electronic locks.
  • There are three types available: keycards, wristbands, and key fobs.


Features common to MIFARE Mini, 1K, and 4K Credentials

  • Compatible with existing MIFARE infrastructures
  • Operates at 13.56MHz in accordance with ISO 14443A
  • Securely separated sectors supporting multi-application


MIFARE 4K Standard – for Lock Audit keycards and Staff keycards

Dormakaba offers a green keycard constructed from 100% recycled polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. Kaba’s keycard return program encourages recycling by offering hotels used keycard disposal options.

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