Gateway vGateway 3 LAN

The vGateway 3 LAN gateway allows remote management of locks from anywhere in the world. The vGateway 3 LAN gateway works with remote code locks for the vG-Lock series apartments. The gate is used to connect the lock system with the TTLock and TThotel applications. The TTlock gateway transmits the signal via LAN to Bluetooth and vice versa.


Product details

What does vGateway 3 LAN give us?

  • Access to the current history of history, in which there are all inputs via Bluetooth and the code, incorrectly entered codes, battery status, etc.
  • Possibility of remote time control – in case the guest leaves the previous apartment
  • Possibility to modify and extend the password validity
  • Ability to generate your own short code of 4 to 8 characters
  • Possibility to generate one connector per input to the main input (for example vG-BLreader) and download (for example vG-BL1)
  • Time synchronization on the locks with the system time


What are the gate installation requirements?

The gateway must be connected to the LAN. One gateway can only be configured with one TTLOCK account (one phone). The device must also be connected to a 110 or 230 V AC mains socket


How does vGateway 3 LAN work?

The gateway sends and receives data stream via LAN network and converts it into Bluetooth signals for communication with vG-locks (locally)

Mr LockSmith - Gateway vGateway 3 LAN diagram

Dimensions: 70*70*26mm
Network interface: RJ45
Network rate: 10M
IEEE Standards: 802.3
Power interface: USB type C
Power input: DC 5V/500mA

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