Dorma Electric Strike Standard Range Basic

The standard electric strike Basic provides convenient and controlled access as well as reliable locking performance at standard doors. Thanks to its position independent (non-handed) installation and various adjustment features, the system facilitates mounting and is easy to upgrade. Standard electric strikes out of the Basic range are available for all conventional operating voltages and provide a comprehensive range of accessories.



  • Non-handed
  • Fail Secure and Fail Safe Version
  • Available in 6 – 12V, 12V and 24V – DC/AC options
  • Tolerance compensation via adjustable latch
  • Versions with unlocking feature, holding function and feedback contact
  • Integrated overload protection

Secure and convenient access control

The standard electric strike Basic conveniently unlocks standard doors and may be used in conjunction with intercoms, access control systems and the like. As the system is available for all conventional operating voltages, it is perfectly suitable whenever access control, security and user convenience are inseparable.

Low planning and mounting effort

The symmetrical case allows position independent (non-handed) mounting and thereby reduces the day to day planning and installation work. Thanks to uniform case dimensions, easy connection to all conventional operating voltages and the adjustable latch, the system allows easy adaptation to all kinds of doors and structural conditions.

Uniform product benefits

The standard electric strike Basic is ready for use with many different locks and door types. Due to the integrated overload protection, there is virtually no risk for upstream connected devices such as an access control system. In addition, the electric strike is suitable for over-rebated and flush-closing doors.


The standard electric strike Basic is available in fail-secure design and as 6 – 12V DC, 12V AC / DC, 12V AC, 12V DC and 24V DC version. Furthermore, there are variants with feedback contact, holding function, unlocking feature and the Easy Adapt latch guide.

Additional versions include Basic Safe, Basic Radius, Basic Radius Safe and Basic Small.

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