Ambiance Access Management Software

Ambiance Access Management Software is Dormakaba’s next-generation software solution meeting your property’s complete access control needs. Web-based and managed through configurable user permissions and secured system access, Ambiance users can manage guests either through the native client or interfaced through your property management system (PMS). Property configuration, key creation and user management are simpler than ever because of the software’s guided workflows supporting faster user adoption.

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Web-based client
  • PCI-Compliant
  • Enhanced user & system security
  • Enhanced key management reporting
  • Lock auditing
  • Special function keys
  • Extensive listing of web services for third party integration (ex. PMS)


Product details

•  Support dormakaba’s Saflok brand of Bluetooth enabled locks
•  Multi-site property management
•  Configurable user roles and rights
•  Staff and Access scheduling
•  Elevator management
•  Meeting rooms management
•  Amenities access management
•  Key management reporting and readback
•  Lock auditing
•  Special function keys
•  PCI-Compliant
•  Extensive web services & APIs for third party integration
•  Supports key encoding either through native Ambiance client or PMS interface*

(*Interfacing to Ambiance is the responsibility of the PMS provider)

  • Support SQL Server & Window’s operating systems (client / server)
  • Virtual machine installation supported
  • USB or POE encoder connection support
  • Third party web services for ease of integration (PMS, Parking, etc.)
  • Bluetooth lock support
  • User-configurable property management including room, suite and access point creation and reconfiguration
  • User-configurable system settings including guest registration defaults, system security settings and encoder management
  • Specialty key management including failsafe, programming, block/lock diagnostic, toggle/unlock and more.
  • Lock programming and auditing
  • Configurable role management
  • Staff management including key creation and access point tracking
  • Access management profiles including access schedules, staff shift scheduling, access point groups, and common and restricted access
  • Elevator management (general access and restricted floors)
  • Amenities management
  • Key creation from native web-based client or third-party PMS solution
  • Quick user adoption, intuitive workflows and online help

Your Ambiance new project starter kit includes the following components:

  • Ambiance Software
  • Dormakaba RFID Encoder
  • Lock Programming & Auditing Unit
  • Property Management Systems (PMS) Interface

Additional items to complete your solution include:

  • Saflok Electronic Locks (sold separately)
  • Saflok elevator and perimeter access hardware (sold separately)
  • Keycards and Credentials (sold separately)
  • dormakaba Mobile Access Solutions for Bluetooth key deployment (sold separately)
  • Messenger Lens for online room management (sold separately)

Ambiance has been developed to support the access management workflows of the simplest to most complex hotel management needs including; guest/room/suite management, general population areas, restricted areas, amenities access, perimeter access, elevator & restricted floor access while securely maintaining your property’s configuration and user/staff profiles.

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